Connecting College Students to Christ in Central Texas

College students often find themselves isolated and disconnected in a world that is increasingly connected through social networks. Fortunately, there are many college ministries in Central Texas that provide students with the opportunity to get closer to Christ and to each other. From small groups that meet all over Austin to vacation Bible schools for children, these ministries offer a variety of activities and events that help students grow in their faith. The University Christian Church (UCC) is one such ministry that welcomes children into the life of their congregation.

The sanctuary has a special prayer area for children to enjoy during worship, and every summer they organize a vacation Bible school for preschool to elementary school children. Labyrinth is another progressive Christian community supported by several local Austin churches. It is LGBTQ-friendly, racially inclusive, and open to all students, regardless of their beliefs. Throughout the year, UCC and Labyrinth offer different in-person and online experiences to help students get closer to Christ.

These include morning prayer via Zoom and Facebook Live, Wednesday noon prayer in the chapel, lectio Divina groups, email devotionals, and more. The Community Ministry plans and oversees much of the life of the congregation, including brotherhood events, hospitality, Christian education, worship, and evangelism. The Ministry of Administration develops the annual budget and administration campaign and connects the congregation to a variety of outreach and service projects and events. The Ministry of Operations maintains, preserves and updates various physical, digital and real estate matters, in addition to overseeing the wedding ministry. Interfaith Action of Central Texas also exists to build healthy relationships between the religious communities of Central Texas.

Harris Creek is another great place for college-age men and women to connect with each other and grow in their faith. Historically, college-age men and women have been on the front lines of the church's revival, so it is important for them to take advantage of these opportunities while they are at university. College ministries in Central Texas provide an invaluable opportunity for students to get closer to Christ and build meaningful relationships with other believers. Through small groups, vacation Bible schools, prayer meetings, email devotionals, outreach projects, and more, these ministries offer a variety of activities that help students grow in their faith. Whether you are looking for a place to worship or just want to connect with other believers, there are plenty of options available in Central Texas.

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